Album Review: Reasons Behind – Architecture of an Ego

Album Review: Reasons Behind - Architecture of an Ego
Reviewed by Liam True

EDM-metal is extremely hit and miss. You could have the trance like atmospherics but fall short on the instrumental and songwriting side, or vice versa. While most bands tend to mix the EDM style with metalcore, Reasons Behind have instead opted for the symphonic power metal route.

While the atmospheric and synth driven instrumental opener 'Zero Dawn' is entirely composed of beeps, boops and noises that made me remember back to my early teens reminiscent of internet games it does set the scene for you as the album is a dystopian universe. But as 'The Fall Of The Human Race' kicks in it’s very clear that the band have the material to knock you off your feet. The crushing guitar riffs from Gabriele Sapori and the bone crushing bass tone of Michele Cavalca are immense. The simple yet effective drum work of Andrea Gambini keeps the pace and sounds crystal clear. Garnished with the vocals of front woman Elisa Bonafe that complement the music phenomenally.

Album Review: Reasons Behind - Architecture of an Ego

And this is what it’s like for the rest of the album. 'A New Breed' has a killer guitar riff and a catchy chorus that makes this my favourite song on the record. 'Into The Break Of A Better Day' shows more of the pop melodies from Bonafe vocals and does see the band go a bit heavier as Gambini’s drums sound huge on this song, as is the riff work from Sapori. Sapori’s guitar tone itself is killer as shown on 'Heart Begins To Break' and 'The Phanton Pain' as is Cavalca’s bass tone that rumbles throughout. 'Seas Of Grey' show more of the pop melodies and structure that the band work their symphonic metal around the chorus. 'I³' sounds like Amaranthe and Nightwish had a baby as the trance elements take more of a front position as the band weave in and out of the programming abilities of Sapori ending with a great solo from the guitarist.

'The Flame Inside' is another catchy power trance anthem with Bonafe’s vocals soaring high on this track effortlessly. And by the time album ender 'Letter To The Last Of Us' opens with its down paced synth/piano melodies you know it’s the end as they’ve made it feel like an album ender as Bonafe’s operatic vocals lull you in before the band joins in with slow building verses and chorus’ you know you’ve heard a great album. The only thing I have to say about it is that the album doesn’t feel fast enough, in terms of speed from the band. There are parts where they start to pick up but then slow down, which they pull off. But personally, I’d have wanted a bit of a faster pace, but that’s the only criticism from myself about the album as I think it’s a great album front to back.

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