Bloodstock Bound: Lokust

Bloodstock Bound: Lokust

As Bloodstock gets closer, we delve deep into the line up to find out more about some of the bands playing the New Blood and Jägermeister stages at this years event.

Today we chat with Lokust!

The Razor's Edge: Please introduce yourself and your band mates.

Alex da Costa on vocals
Alexy Khoury on guitar
Jeremy Pringsheim on guitar
Patryk Kopo on bass
Euler Morais on drums

The Razor's Edge: How would you describe your style of metal?

Lokust: Visceral, layered, and violently human. We've tried to focus more on the expression and intention with our songwriting, rather than put too much attention on specific influences or stylistic boundaries. That being said, lots of riffs, rhythms, and hatefully expressive vocals.

The Razor's Edge: How did you land your spot on the Bloodstock bill?

Lokust: Even though we are very much 'new blood’ - our first full release INFIDEL will come out 28th July, only a few weeks before Bloodstock - we've been working on this band in the background for years now, and a few of the integral members of the Bloodstock operation have had a close eye on us for a while and had enough faith to add us to the lineup in the midst of us finally unveiling this music we’ve been working on.

The Razor's Edge: What does playing at Bloodstock mean to you?

Lokust: As I mentioned, this band has put a lot of time into getting to a standard that we feel lives up to what a metal band should be capable of in 2023.

We’re currently in the process of putting our money where our mouth is, and Bloodstock will be the pinnacle of that test for us, at this stage: playing these songs at a festival we hold in such high regard, to an audience that we trust to see through any pretence or posturing.

The Razor's Edge: For people who’ve never seen you live, what can they expect at Bloodstock?

Lokust: You can expect a band who's spent the past few years behind closed doors, in studios and jam spaces, maddeningly recording, refining and rehearsing these songs that were primarily written to be performed live all along. This will be a palpably cathartic moment for us and we can't wait to share that with the Bloodstock audience.

Bloodstock Bound: Lokust

The Razor's Edge: What day are you performing?

Lokust: We're playing on Friday 11th, but we'll be hanging out all weekend, catching up with friends and soaking up all the riffs.

The Razor's Edge: What other bands are you looking forward to watching at Bloodstock this year?

Lokust: Meshuggah and Decapitated are two of the sickest bands out there, so we'll absolutely be in the pit for them. Might have to scope out the best view of the drums for Sepultura and watch Eloy play as if he hasn't realised the kit is mic'd up.

The Razor's Edge: Playing the New Blood Stage is just the first stepping stone in a bands journey. What’s next in your plans for world domination?

Lokust: We're looking forward to continually promoting our new album INFIDEL, we're planning to get on tours from next year and keep refining our live show in front of even broader audiences. And we've already written roughly half of our next album and are keen to start integrating the experiences we're having now and pushing the next album into even darker territory.

The Razor's Edge: Are you camping with the fans? Which campsite are you heading for?

Lokust: I think we will unapologetically camp wherever we're least likely to get our tents pissed on by our beloved metal compatriots

The Razor's Edge: You’ve gotta keep hydrated at Bloodstock, what is your drink of choice for the weekend?

Lokust: Our Northern Irish singer will be hitting the Guinness, true to type, and the rest of us are pretty content with old reliable Jack Daniels I reckon. I've been curious about Liquid Death, which seems to have infiltrated the festival scene this year - might give that a try if we're in a more self-preserving mood.

The Razor's Edge: See you at Bloodstock in a few weeks!

Lokust: Can't wait!

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