Album Review: Moose Cult – Moose Cult

Album Review: Moose Cult - Moose Cult
Reviewed by Rick Eaglestone

Moose Cult look to Infuse old school heavy metal with death doom for their self-titled debut album.

The album immediately kicks off with title track ‘Moose Cult’ which flits between classic guitar tones, and searing vocals which are like a combination of wasp and cattle decapitation, not something I thought I would type let alone hear but I must say I am really not opposed to it.

There are some incredibly prominent basslines that ring through ‘The Blood of Dead Idealists’ into a cloud of blues and experimentation which felt a little busy for me but then Moose Cult soon find themselves again with the drudgingly frantic ‘Dire Logic’.

‘No. Really’ is a huge throwback to the early nineties with not only its tone but intention, it is slower compared to some of the previous track, but it still has some ominous elements embedded within, easily my highlight track of the release. This is paired with easily the albums heaviest track ‘Two Sides to Every Folly’.

Album Review: Moose Cult - Moose Cult

‘Mountain’ sees a return to ominous tones and musically has a real sabbath heartbeat, there is a lot going on and the experimentation is rife that there is a lot to unpack, this was the track that after its conclusion I felt I really connected with the album and understood its aesthetic, the piano section at the end is a great finishing touch.

Finally concluding with ‘The Girl That Saved The World’ sees the band dabble with psychedelia for the first time and honestly do it so that well that I almost wised it had been used more throughout.

My overall feelings have changed from very first listen to the current one, yes there is a lot of things going on with this debut and it can be a little overwhelming but ride it out as honestly the more I listened to it the more that the album put together its own jigsaw and the picture that is left is one of a complex yet captivating output.

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