Album Review: Blodet – Death Mother

Album Review: Blodet - Death Mother
Reviewed by Tim Finch

In the eerie twilight between light and shadow, where the haunting melodies of Sweden's musical underworld meet the raw, unfiltered emotions of the human experience, Blodet emerges as a formidable musical force. Their latest creation, 'Death Mother,' is a profound testament to the paradoxical nature of existence, where life and death dance in an intricate, eternal waltz.

Scheduled for release on the 29th of September via Church Road Records, 'Death Mother' is a haunting opus that transcends the boundaries of genre. Blodet's sonic landscape draws inspiration from an eclectic array of influences, evoking comparisons to the intensity of Swans and the experimental vigor of Sonic Youth.

The five song album opens with the seven minute title track, starting the listeners haunting journey through the depths of their creative being. Musically dark and vocally expansive this number evokes an atmosphere that will drag the listener into the bands world.

Album Review: Blodet – Death Mother

The pace on the record is never high tempo, and that continues through ‘The Hour’, a steady beat emerging from the shadows before Hilda Heller’s vocals rise giving hints of Kate Bush, amongst others, in its delivery. ‘Lead Me Home’ retains the ambience set so far, the drum beat the steady hand that keep the song on track as the music and vocals build upon it.

‘Without Within’ while taking on the same tone, builds slowly, the atmosphere heightened, the power ramping up. Hair stands on the back of the listeners neck as the band take us on a majestic aural journey.

Throughout the five songs that make up ‘Death Mother’, Blodet keep the listener enthralled, captivated in the music they have created, not letting them go, fully consuming them in an overwhelming work of musical art.

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