Album Review: Trivax – Eloah Burns Out

Album Review: Trivax - Eloah Burns Out
Reviewed by Rick Eaglestone

Eastern Death Magick practitioners Trivax return with their second full-length album Eloah Burns Out

The concept for Eloah Burns Out is one of death observed and experienced through various accounts, opener Azrael being an exaltation of the Angel of Death being told with a furious frenzy laden with Middle eastern soundscapes.

Alpha Predator is the perspective of a murderer of all live, an early highlight track as not only are sweeping tempo changes and melodies rife, but it also features backing vocals from Master’s Call J. Wilcox

Instrumental Silent Contemplation adds another dynamic of the album with its calming nature yes ominous structure, the percussions in particular being thrust to the forefront, this is complimented with a slower yet aggressive The Serpent’s Gaze with has lashings of old school heavy metal guitar sounds beautifully blended with a darker edge. Flooded with atmosphere the track also features guest vocals from Behexen’s Wraath.


Full of rage and rebellion Against All Opposition (By Aeshma’s Wrath) is easily the track with the most maniacal traits and features an unholy trio of guest appearances, J. Wilcox and Wraath return bringing with them Winterfylleth’s (Naut) Russell Dobson.

Up next is the shortest track of the album Memento Moriincorporates newer elements with the haunting, choral like nature creates a picture of death and despair before Twilight of Death brings with it an almost blackened thrash feel to the album, with a combination of spoken word and sheer aggression of Shayan’s vocal delivery.

Concluding track ایند رخآ رد translated to At the End of the World is a near twelve-minute depiction of the death of God, with the lyrics written in Shayan’s native language of Farsi.

Although the guitar parts were originally recorded in the UK,they were later re amped in Tehran, Iran as the band wanted to give the album an air of authenticity as the restriction and oppressive religious and cultural laws imposed also includingfor metal music associations are something that Trivax strongly stands against as their goal is to deliver a message of total freedom and liberation.

The band have created a violent and engulfing retrospective but still very much delivering a strong and passionate message.

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