Core of iO: The Songs That Influenced Us

Core of iO: The Songs That Influenced Us

CORE OF iO ( are back with their thumping new EP, Part I: iO, out on Friday 8th September. We caught up with the guys and asked them to exclusively unveil their most influential tracks:

Mastodon - Capillarian Crest

The first time Bob and I (Luke) met the album this song is from was probably playing in the background. There is just a chemistry where each musician is complementing one another’s parts, giving and taking where needed to allow the other to shine. At the time and still now, hearing this approach of guitar playing is inspiring.

Land of Talk - Some Are Lakes

When it comes to writing guitar parts I (Luke) have been heavily Influenced by Elizabeth Powells guitar playing. I think this song encapsulates the nuances that I love. She creates her chords in a blank canvas/guided by her ear way with lots of open strings and dissonance. There's always multiple subtle layered guitar parts where if they were isolated they wouldn't work but together along with the bass line they just gel.

Sikth- Skies of the Millennium Night

In our opinion the godfathers of tech-metal. This song in particular highlights an innovative approach to writing guitar parts, where they bounce in and out of each other, rarely playing the same thing, disgusting dissonant chords that somehow work, and weird harmonisation. The approach on bass is amazing, and you hear a variety of Syncopated Slap, Fingerstyle, and fingertapping too. We try and incorporate these creative techniques and ideas into some of our writing to keep things sounding fresh and original.

The Dillinger Escape Plan - When I Lost My Bet

I remember when me (Rich), Luke and Gareth used to live in our old flat we were waiting for "One of us is the killer" by Dillinger Escape Plan to drop. Our first listen resulted in us all having physical stress responses (sweating, palpitations etc) especially Gareth who sweated through his shirt, which was a testament to its furious energy. This energy is a benchmark for heavy music and we aspire to bring that even though our tunes are very different.

The Mars Volta - Inertiatic ESP

I know for a fact that a huge part of Bob's love for Mars Volta is the hooks and melodic ideas and this song is dripping with it. That paired with the unpredictable structure and general high-information rhythmic ideas makes a tune that'll please many heavy music lovers.

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