Album Review: The Sound of Origin – Man In The Arena

Album Review: The Sound of Origin – Man In The Arena
Reviewed by Rick Eaglestone

The Sound of Origin release their first album under a new variant but still wrapping grunge tones with stoner doom and blues to create a cumulative crushing energy on Man in The Area

Opening track This Ain’t Free manages to be slow and brooding in nature but simultaneously managing to engulf with wave upon wave of nostalgic influence with some absolutely crushing drums – if ever there was an opening statement to be made, well the band can certainly tick that off the list.

Now, the first time I ever saw this band I was instantly hooked and quite frankly Birthright encompasses everything thing I love about them which is then complimented with the slower groove of Crown of the Cynic. This section of the album is hands down my personal highlight with all the varying soundscapes and tones particularly with the last track as it sounds like a Type o Negative track with sprinkles of Black Sabbath – It’s that time of the year where I find myself listening to The Crow OST and this would fit in incredibly well.

The first of two tracks to feature Exhorder/ Trouble’s Kyle Thomas is up next, Frail Old Bones is a blistering slice of musicianship which reveal all the elements of the band’s armoury and the guest appearance only adds to the dynamic.

Album Review: The Sound of Origin – Man In The Arena

Thousand Year Curse builds up its atmosphere with dominant basslines, subtle drum patterns which highlight the heavier vocal style mixed with probably the most emotional vocal delivery too – The guitar tones that sway through only add to the crushing wave of styles that make up the track.

Kyle Thomas returns for title track Man In The Arena where his presence is felt more, the band still cling onto their roots, but it feels they dabble with darker and heavier elements on this album in particular and that combination is an absolute joy to behold and just demonstrates the 3 years in between albums has been used to really drill down and hone their sound.

The short brooding wave of Gold Drenched In White is a great build up to the bands final track Lightbringer which is wonderfully upbeat and groove laden although it immediately makes me want to morph into Neil Fallon as it has that type of feel to it.

Overall, this album has been everything I wanted, the tracks have been well balanced and everyone held my attention for different reasons and honestly it’s a great feeling when an album feels like a rediscovery so don’t sit on Man In The Arena and I for one look forward the next opportunity when I get to see the band live again and here the new tracks – Full disclosure it’s the first thing I am going to do when I finish writing this but not before hitting repeat and going on this journey one more time.

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