Album Review: Dwarrowdelf – The Fallen Leaves

Album Review: Dwarrowdelf - The Fallen Leaves
Reviewed by Rick Eaglestone

Having taken much of their inspiration from the realms of J R R Tolkien in the past Dwarrordelf look to start a new chapter drawing from the wellspring of ancient mythology and now wrapped around The Elden Ring with latest release The Fallen Leaves

The album opens with the instrumental synth laden Within The Ashes, The Ember Still Burns which even though the duration is fairly short, there are some really well constructed intricacies with even subtle elements of dungeon synth which really lend themselves to follow up track, The Journey To Dawn

To Dust, We Return blend ethereal tones with a nice balance of guitar work and blistering drums patterns with a particular vocal performance from Dwarrodelf mastermind Tom O’ Dell whose shifting styles really gel with the changing structure throughout.

For me the most immersive offering of the album by far has to be This Shattered World, this is down to a few components, it’s by far the heaviest track of the album and has the strongest storytelling aspect both lyrically and musically because coming in nearly at seven and a half minutes takes full advantage of the opportunity to really showcase the overall, this was maybe the thinking as it was the first single from the release and I have to say it was a smart choice.

Album Review: Dwarrowdelf - The Fallen Leaves

The opening to Escape From The Dreamscape has a wonderfully ominous nature the manages not to get lost among the engulfing output that follow which sways into the mellow natured Deliverance with Tom giving a bit more insight.

"Deliverance" is the real mission statement for "The Fallen Leaves". Chronicling a hero's grim realisation and acceptance of their destined fate, the song blends a real variety of influences together seamlessly. From bouncing melodeath riffs and searing blackened tremolo leads to brutal breakdowns and epic choirs, the track takes the listener on a truly captivating journey in its runtime, without the need for excess or filler."

Concluding with the albums longest offering is title track The Fallen Leaves which is a real journey into the metal spectrum, and it is impossible not to appreciate just how much has been put in as there is truly something for everyone as it has that air of finality that immediately wants to hit repeat.

Overall, the big takeaway from The Fallen Leaves is that no matter the realm or landscape Dwarrowdelf choose to explore their overwhelming commitment to soaring Instrumental and atmospherics will no doubt capture the heart and imagination of everyone that hears it.

There is one final wish, maybe the next exploration Dwarrordelf make could take place in the Warhammer world, here’s hoping…

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