Album Review: Suldusk – Anthesis

Album Review: Suldusk - Anthesis
Reviewed by Rick Eaglestone

Opening introduction Astraeus should come with do not listen with headphones on in the dark – it is incredibly haunting and would not be out of place on the VVitch soundtrack, this is followed by Verdalet which begins with thunderous tones which weaves and transforms to a folk laden outpouring but still maintaining harsher elements.

Crowns Of Esper begins with gentle birdsong and harmonies which are blended with acoustic sections with serenade through to Crystalline which once again has a lot of the gentler aspects of the previous track but has splashes of a darker edge.

As the album hits the midway point on Sphaera sees the albums most emotive outpouring with spoken words elements and almost a choral vocal performance which moves into the hypnotic title track Anthesis which starts off at a ferocious paste which is cushioned slightly with violins and a softer more fragile vocal approach but at its core is incredibly scathing and easily my highlight track of the album.

Album Review: Suldusk - Anthesis

Moving on to Mythical Creatures has a very much pagan sound to it which is done incredibly well giving Suldusk the musical freedom to show off their diverse nature, as much as I do enjoy the heavier side of the album the structure of this in particularly is very well crafted and adds another dynamic that has been used throughout the album but this solely sticks to one soundscape and as it moves to the Spanish guitar on Leaven the darker shadows subtly lean in once more this time with a dual vocal performance with male harmonies from Shane Mulholland

The albums final track A Luminous End is the longest and features a guest appearance from Leprous’s Raphael Weinroth-Browne, again the harsher elements are back in their droves but so the addition of slightly prog elements and emotive compositions which ultimately is everything this album encompasses as Anthesis means bloom and from what started as a solo project has certainly flourished into something enriching which certainly transports the listeners into this Melbourne collective’s gloomy and magical world.

The album has a constant flow that really highlights the narrative of grief and acceptance which is really the theme of the album which is done in with a combination of sensitivity and heartbreak.

A dark myriad of mournfulness

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