Album Review: Surgical Strike – 24/7 Hate

Album Review: Surgical Strike - 24/7 Hate
Reviewed by Drew McCarthy

Thrash Metal has always been my favourite genre and with albums as good as this one, it is not difficult to understand why. 24/7 Hate is also, to the best of my knowledge, only the second album that I can think of that begins with an instrumental song. The other album being, Screaming For Vengeance by Judas Priest.

The title track of the album sounds exactly as the name of the song suggests, an incredibly fast, precise and with a somewhat catchy riff, gives way to in your face vocals & high powered drumming.

Fear Monger would have to be my favourite track on the album, while still having aggressive vocals and opening with an insanely fast guitar riff, there is a more, dare I say, melodic sound to that particular song.

Album Review: Surgical Strike - 24/7 Hate

This album has everything that I have always enjoyed and still enjoy about Thrash Metal, harsh uncompromising vocals, incredibly skilled and nuanced guitar playing, fast, frenetic drumming and I would honestly say, that the album cover of 24/7 Hate is one of the best album covers that I have ever seen from a thrash metal band.

Every song on the album takes the separate talents of each individual member and combines them expertly, to create what I would honestly consider to be a thrash metal masterpiece, that while obviously taking influence from the sound of the past, still manages to bring an exciting and modern take to the genre.

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