Album Review: Mutilation Barbecue – Amalgamations Of Gore

Mutilation Barbecue

Album Review: Mutilation Barbecue - Amalgamations Of Gore
Reviewed by Daniel Phipps

Hailing from Cleveland Ohio which spawned fellow now ex Maggot Stomp alumni 200 Stab Wounds, Mutilation Barbeque who landed with the label in 2022 are set to release their debut full length record Amalgamations of Gore following a few changes to the line up which recorded the EP Abortion Ambulance.

Amalgamations of Gore is a pretty fun record, I can find the whole Maggot Stomp hype very hit and miss, I won’t lie but Mutilation Barbecue very much lands on the hit side of things. For a start the songs are really punchy, they don’t really have much flash and there is no real stand out feature, instead they are just really solid well crafted slabs of death metal, which features a great flow and really nice groove. Dylan Andras who moved from Bass to Guitar on this release has really put together a slick and solid selection of riffs which feature all throughout the record and I really like some of the lead sections that he has put together on the record.

Album Review: Mutilation Barbecue - Amalgamations Of Gore

Again they are not flashy “look at me” sounding lead sections but they really don't need to be, they offer just enough to give you something different during the run length of the songs. I really like the drums, with their very full punishing sound and what I really do like is the snare which has that really nice pingy punch which makes those blastbeat sections really hit the spot. It is quite a swift record wrapping up in around the thirty five minutes give or take a couple of minutes and you really don’t feel like it has taken that long to get through which speaks about the really solid flow of the tracks which I mentioned earlier. To simply put it you will hear nine tracks of punishing modern death metal, which has the classic vibe that the older crowd will appreciate whilst remaining modern enough for a younger crowd.

It's all punishment with a little flash, Mutilation Barbecue will provide you with a slab of quality death metal which is perfect if you want your death metal to really hit as hard as Mike Tyson.

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