Album Review: Concrete Age – Motherland

Album Review: Concrete Age - Motherland
Reviewed by Liam True

Having released their eighth studio album back in January last year and already putting out another offering fourteen months later, you may think this would be a bad move for some bands. Concrete Age however, aren’t in that list.

Over the past fourteen years Concrete Age have developed their style of thrash infused folk metal to a great degree. Opening track Raida Rada starts with a chant before Boris Zahariev rips into a frenzied guitar riff as drummer Davide Marini blasts behind with absolute venom in his double bass kicks. You’d be forgiven thinking that it’s not a folk metal style album as it’s not until the latter half for Raida Rada we get anything remotely folky in nature. Then the flutes and folk-like drums echo through the rest of the song, and consequently, the rest of the album.

Album Review: Concrete Age - Motherland

Battle Of The Caucasus Kicks off with more of a killer riff that Raida Rada did adding to the thrashy element of the album with a boot to the face. Do you want a headbangers paradise? Raida Rada will break it. Do you want a slower ballad? Nomads itches the scratch. Do you prefer a folky dance anthem? Shalaho is for you. It’s difficult to even pick the best stand out track, just throw a dart and you’ll find a banger wherever it lands. Concrete Age are like a fine wine. They’re better the longer they marinade in their own creative juices.

Hell, back-to-back the entire album is golden and full of moments that are both memorable and neck breaking. Ilia Morozov’s vocals throughout the album particularly are sublime. From his death metal-tinged growls on Raida Rada to the slower yet still powerful Nomads. Doubled with the crisp production sound on the album, Motherlands is a catchy & flame-filled ten track masterpiece.

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