Album Review: Haunted – Stare At Nothing

Album Review: Haunted - Stare At Nothing
Reviewed by Matthew Williams

When I think of Italian doom/stoner rock bands, my mind instantly goes to the only one that I really know, the legends that are Ufomammut, so I have to dive back into my history books to find out a bit more about Haunted, who are set to release their third album, “Stare at Nothing” through the wonderful people at Ripple Music.

And that’s what hit me most of all, that this is the bands third album, and I knew pretty much nothing about them at all, which is a personal slur on my character, as after listening to these new songs, I have been missing out on another excellent band.

With the silky, spooky and in parts mesmerising vocals of Cristina Chimirri combining with the sinister, haunting melodies that reek of evil from the guitar of Kim Crowley, Haunted are going to take the world by storm with this new album, which is as sinuous as a snake and as solvent as acid. It’s dripping from start to finish in songs that are evocative, sinful and thought provoking.

Album Review: Haunted - Stare At Nothing

The immoral intent is there from the outset with dark murmurings across the intro before 'Catamorph' rises up from the depths of hell to unleash itself and sets the standard pretty high from the off. With the compositional climax taking place on the Summer Equinox of 2023, they have used the powerful vocals of Chimirri to create songs that are vibrant and magnetic, whilst also deep and dark at the same time.

You have 'Garden of Evil' and 'Back To The Nest' as further examples of their mystical journey, with shades of heavy rock and the furious poetry of 90’s grunge, and then the magnificent 'Malevolent' comes along like a 70’s doom inspired monster and just crushes you in its path. This song personifies evil and with Luca Strano on drums giving a damn good Bill Ward impression, it’s seven minutes plus of pure villainous pleasure.

The quartet don’t however rest on their laurels, and with 'Potsherds' being another fine example of sharp rhythms, kudos here to bass player Frank Tudisco, and emphasises where the deep roots of the album have come from; their journey of self-awareness, of reunion, of pacification, of ideological freedom, of recognition of the self and its complete destruction.

'Fall of the Seven Veils' is as dramatic a piece of writing and composition that you’ll get this year, with another considerable and emotional vocal performance from Chimirri before the title track, 'Stare At Nothing' comes stomping through to batter you once again. It concludes with another monstrous song called 'Waratah Blossom' which demonstrates what Haunted are all about, as it’s a brooding, demonic and wicked track and will leave you begging for more.

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