Irish Progressive Metal Crew AeSect Release Powerful Single

Irish Progressive Metal Crew AeSect Release Powerful Single

Following the success of the bands previous new singles, 'Revolutionary Suicide' and 'Simulacra', 'Cease and Assist' is a noticeably faster and more aggressive lean towards the bands 'Thrash' roots.

The electrifying new single from AeSect, is finally unleashed today and is a powder-keg of intensity. The band bring the listener on an adrenaline-fuelled sonic journey through the depths of human complicity and societal collapse.

Check out the official single for the track below. There is an accompanying video that YouTube in their "wisdom" has decided to ban...

Speaking of the new single, vocalist / bassist, Aidan 'Willow' Williams says; "'Cease and Assist' is based on the idea that we are all complicit in our inevitable destruction, and for the most part, people seem ok with it until it's at our doorstep.

Civil unrest, genocides, religious wars, media fanning the flames with the promise of hire ratings, meanwhile political and environmental atrocities becoming the day to day normality. The fear is by the time we've righted the wrongs it'll be too late and at that point anarchy. The moral fabric of our society will cease to exist, and we will have assisted in the destruction.”

With a ferocity that leaves no room for compromise, "Cease and Assist" propels listeners into a whirlwind of relentless Thrash riffs, and pulverising breakdowns. Building upon their signature sound, a melodic intro lulls the listener into a false sense of security as the track quickly ignites with a blistering pace, driving home the band's unyielding commitment to sonic intensity.

At the helm of this sonic tempest are the band's dynamic vocal deliveries, seamlessly oscillating between guttural growls and melodic refrains. This juxtaposition adds layers of depth to the lyrical narrative, weaving a tale of Anthropomorphic Destruction and humanity's role in its own demise.

Driven by a relentless groove that punctuates the track's explosive verses and cathartic choruses, "Cease and Assist" stands as a testament to Willow's uncompromising vision and unwavering passion for their craft. With its unapologetic ferocity and thought-provoking lyricism, the single serves as a rallying cry for the disenchanted and a beacon of hope for those who dare to defy the status quo.

Prepare to be swept away by the sonic onslaught of "Cease and Assist” as AeSect unleashes their latest masterpiece upon the world.

Brace yourselves, for the revolution has arrived.

Irish Progressive Metal Crew AeSect Release Powerful Single

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