SMO Release New Single ‘Crooked Teeth’

SMO Release New Single 'Crooked Teeth'

Employed to Serve guitarist Sammy Urwin releases the second single from his SMO project.

Much like the first single 'Real People', this new track - Crooked Teeth - blends elements of punk, metal and industrial which ultimately makes for a raw and energetic vibe.

Check out the latest single below.

As for the meaning behind 'Crooked Teeth' SMO had this to say about the song's meaning...
'Crooked Teeth' is a song of empowerment to those who don't feel fully comfortable in their own skin. In the age of "baddiecore" and the press shifting focus on to bands that have the "right look", I wanted to remind people that alternative music is to be enjoyed by everyone and created by anyone. Wear your imperfections as a badge of honour! 
SMO Release New Single ‘Crooked Teeth’

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