Live Review: InMe – Norwich

InMe - Norwich

Live Review: InMe - Norwich
3rd May 2024
Support: Lastelle, Kaves
Words & Photos: Tom Atkin

And like that I feel 18 again. Queuing up outside of the Waterfront, in the rain, to see InMe play. I have been looking forward to tonight since the tour was announced. Yes it was because it made me feel young again, but we shall ignore that!

First on tonight is Norwich’s own Kaves, who come from a very mixed bucket of genres. As they themselves have said, The song is king. Made up of Caitlin on vocals, Mia on bass and Tim on guitar. This band is going places. The effort they put in to their songs, their performance, everything about them. Unfortunately being that this is an early gig tonight, means that not many people had turned up for the start of the set, although their loyal local following showed up for them for sure!

Luckily, these guys are on Spotify, I highly recommend giving them a listen. The production of both their recorded and live music is spot on!

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin

Next up we have Oxfordshire based Lastelle. A delightful mix of post-hardcore and post-rock, with vocals being handled by both the the drummer, Freddie Whatmore and Adam Rigozzi.

As the first song builds up, Adam is in the crowd pacing across the floor. Already you can tell that this is going to be a high energy performance and that is exactly what was delivered. The whole band are filled with pure energy and put everything out whilst they perform. I saw some clips from the show before Norwich, and the same vibes are there. With both shows, the crowd are really getting into the music. Adam seems to spend more time out in the crowd than on stage with the band, the passion he exudes is just amazing.

This is another band that are certainly going to excel in the scene, definitely check them out on Spotify or head to any of the remaining InMe tour to find them.

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin

So, I had a look through all my old tickets (you know when we got physical tickets at gigs) and I saw InMe for the first time in 2006, eighteen years ago. To say I was a little bit pleased to see them playing here again is an understatement. 

The first thing I notice, the line up has changed, however the band seems to still be very much in it together, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is the original line up.

Opening up with 2005’s 'Faster The Chase' is pleasing to the crowd, throwing out their classics early on in the set. Following that we get the legendary 'Underdose', a song that brought them into the eye of the masses. Everyone is singing this back to them, and it is an absolute pleasure to hear it being played with just as much energy as it did way back when.

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin

Lead singer Dave’s vocals feel like they have improved over time, whilst still retaining the characteristic tone that he has always had. It’s seems they are in a really good place now, there is constant interaction between the band and the crowd, making jokes about tonight’s curfew, Dave talking about previous times in the city and expressing his sheer love for the Norwich crowd.

New songs in the form of 'Secret Superpower' and 'Wreckage' make their way on to the set for the evening, giving us a little bit of insight of how the sound of InMe has developed. Still holding on to their core sound but with a freshness about it. I think it is safe to say everyone is looking forward to the new album and I expect a full album tour will be in the works for after it is released.

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin

The rest of the set was filled with all of their classic’s and most well loved songs, from 'All Terrain Vehicle' to 'Crushed Like Fruit', no album was left untouched, and every song was performed like they had never stopped performing them.

With 'Overgrown Eden' being the album that provided majority of the songs tonight, it felt like a throw back to the time when they first started getting out there in the scene. It was just pure brilliance.

InMe elected to avoid the time wasting of an encore break, and instead, just kept playing through. Although Dave’s tangents probably made up for the gained time. Closing out the set with quite possibly their biggest song 'Firefly' felt right, not a single still person in the crowd and virtually everyone singing it back to them. 

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin

Overall, this was a brilliant night. It is great to see InMe back on form, and it seems as though there is new life in the band. In their opinion, the new music they have written is the best that they have ever produced, and I for one, can not wait for the new album.

The whole band look to be having great fun on stage and this rubs off on the crowd.

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin

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