Enquire Within Track By Track Run Down of ‘Elysium’ EP

Enquire Within Track By Track Run Down of 'Elysium' EP

High flying Brit metallers ENQUIRE WITHIN surge forward with the release of their explosive new EP, Elysium, out on Friday 31st May. We exclusively caught up with the hard-hitters and asked the band to give us a track-by-track breakdown of their EP:

Seeds of Destruction - Inspired by Percy Blythe Shelley's poem Ozymandias, Seeds of Destruction is a warning to all those who see themselves as immortal. A Godking face down in the sands sees his empire wither away and replaced with silence and nothing. With guest vocals from H from the classic early UK Thrash band Acid Reign, Seeds of Destruction is a punch to the face.

Point of No Return - Men's Mental Health is something that our lead vocalist & lyricist is very passionate about. Point of no Return is an exploration of how it is our own perception of mental health and manliness that causes some of the issues we have with men's mental health and mental health as a whole.

Prison - Prison is a song about something Jacob has been fascinated with for a while. The self perpetuating cycle where many of the issues caused in the world today are caused by Humanity. We are locked in a Prison of our own design and sometimes there is no way out.

Bloodlines - Bloodlines is classic enquire within! A re-recording (and in many ways reimagining) of one of our first ever songs Bloodlines tells a twisted story of the world's first murder. Where a brother's jealousy leads to a new world of hell blood and flesh.

Sins of the Father - Sins of the Father is an incredibly personal song about familial rage and generational trauma. A situation where you are forced to accept the blame for something you were not even aware of your part in until now. It's a song about losing part of your identity and trying to find your own way forward without the anchors of blood that once held you.

Final Seal - Final Seal is a song about the end of the world. Throughout the song we ride alongside the horseman into the fields of Armageddon.  The song touches onto the idea that this may have already been put into motion and only the final seal of the apocalypse remains.”

Enquire Within Track By Track Run Down of ‘Elysium’ EP

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