Album Review: The Omnific – The Law Of Augmenting Returns

Album Review: The Omnific - The Law Of Augmenting Returns

Album Review: The Omnific - The Law Of Augmenting Returns
Reviewed by Tim Finch

Many metal fans take the easy route when it comes to discovering new bands, go for a style they know they like and pick a new band up from there in. When a new band comes along with a different style to the “norm” it is easy for your average fan to skip it and settle for what they know. However in doing so, they are missing some of the best new music out there in the market.

An example of a band pushing the envelope are The Omnific, an Australian instrumental progressive metal band featuring two bassists, and allowing those basses to drive their sound. The description alone may cause some to pass them by, but those who invest the time in the bands new album ‘The Law Of Augmenting Returns’ will be truly rewarded for their efforts.

The opening behemoth, seven minute ‘The Omnific ≈ Bass’ sets the listener up for what is yet to come. Following the unique barbershop quartet intro, the song continues with intertwining bass lines which immediately grab you and pull you in, creating soundscapes you would not have thought possible. And the albums title track, which follows, carries the listener further down this path, adding depth to the already complex sound.

Album Review: The Omnific - The Law Of Augmenting Returns

The trio have a way of weaving a story in you mind purely from the music, what on paper sounds fairly one dimensional in reality turns into a complex sound structure which keeps the listener enthralled throughout.

Variations in pace, and weight keep the listener engaged, from the throbbing, fast paced drum beat of ‘Matrices’ though to the melancholic, genteel ‘Base Camp’ the listener is left guessing as to what the band can deliver next.

In a world where bands come and go, regurgitating the styles that have come before them, The Omnific have produced a sound that is totally unique. On one hand this is an album suitable to be playing in the background as you get on with your day, yet alternatively if you sit down and let yourself be absorbed by the music then The Omnific will truly sweep you away.

A more masterful piece of progressive heavy music you will struggle to find this year.

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