EP Review: Desekryptor – Curse of the Execrated

Desekryptor - Curse of the Execrated

EP Review: Desekryptor – Curse of the Execrated
Reviewed by Drew McCarthy

Desekryptor, having released their debut album, Vortex Oblivion on Blood Harvest Records last year, have now moved onto another record label for their newest EP, 'Curse Of The Execrated'.

'Demo' and 'Chasm Of Rot' were two separate demos that the band gave the metal community back in 2016, before they were both put together and brought out by Blood Harvest Records in the same year. In 2017 Desekryptor joined forces with Draghkar to put out a split, before the band took a hiatus for five years, coming roaring back with the previously mentioned debut album and EP.

EP Review: Desekryptor – Curse of the Execrated

'Sadistic Incineration' is an absolutely disgusting opening song, but in the best possible way, as demonic sounding vocals are combined with sludgy bass and uncompromising drums with riffs that Belphegor would be proud of. 'Anthropothogic Corpse' is as grisly a song as the title would suggest and seems to have been heavily influenced by Cannibal Corpse, especially when it comes to the vocals, which sound very much like those of George Fisher.

Desekryptor are a band that have managed something not many metal bands can lay claim to having achieved; while clearly taking inspiration from bands like Immolation and Cradle Of Filth, they have managed imbue their blackened thrash approach to their sound with a subtle hint of melody, akin to a band like Bolt Thrower.

'Curse Of The Execrated' is on first listen, a murky and atmospheric EP that may sound a bit one dimensional in places, their is still enough here for both fans of black and thrash metal to enjoy.

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