Zeal & Ardor Unveil New Single ‘Fend You Off’

Zeal & Ardor Unveil New Single 'Fend You Off'

Zeal & Ardor Unveil New Single 'Fend You Off'

ZEAL & ARDOR isn’t just a band; it’s a living and breathing entity.

Like any other sentient being, it consumes, evolves, and transforms from one season to the next. It has only sharpened its claws, lengthened its teeth, and steeled its nerves over the years, growing more undeniable and unpredictable in the process.

The band will drop their fourth album, the self-produced GREIF, on August 23. Pre-order it here.

Today, the band has shared the visualizer for the album's third single "Fend You Off."

"Another colour joins the tapestry with 'Fend You Off," says band leader Manuel Gagneux. "By now, it might be apparent that we're sharing new sides of ours. This is us at our core honest and vulnerable. We hope you like it. Stay strange."

Watch the video here

Rather than stagnating, basking in global acclaim garnered from three previous albums - Devil Is Fine [2017], Stranger Fruit [2018] and Zeal & Ardor [2022] - Manuel opted to shake things up for GREIF. Instead of creatively flying solo again, this time he welcomed his bandmates into the studio, featuring three voices for the first time and emboldening the sound from every angle. As such, the musicians - Tiziano Volante [guitar], Marc Obrist [vocals], Denis Wagner [vocals], Lukas Kurmann [bass], and Marco Von Allmen [drums] - spread their wings alongside him. Decamping to Marc’s studio Hutch Sounds in Switzerland, the record came to life in just five months.

“We've really evolved into a tight-knit unit,” explains Marc. “Before Zeal & Ardor, we were basically strangers, but we're like a little family now. Each member brings his own unique flavor to the mix, and we all try to make Manuel’s songs better in our own way. The most interesting part for me was the new approach of how we work together in the studio.”

“I wanted to expand upon what we had and introduce new colors,” Manuel continues. “There are angry and accusatory moments, but there’s also some solace and happiness. I’m widening the palette of colors we have to paint with. These are avenues we haven’t tried.”

GREIF is available to pre-order now on CD, transparent vinyl, and digitally.

Zeal & Ardor Unveil New Single ‘Fend You Off’

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