Album Review: Black Hole Deity – Profane Geometry

Album Review: Black Hole Deity - Profane Geometry
Reviewed by Dan Phipps

US band Black Hole Deity sprung onto the radar for me during the pandemic as they released their debut Lair of Xenolich. It was a swift 5 track offering giving a solid introduction to the band. Fast forward 3 years and we now have a full length to seek our teeth into. Going by the title Profane Geometry it sees the band again working with Everlasting Spew records to bring the creation to life.

It comes out of the speakers with absolute force, and from that moment you get the sense that Black Hole Deity are not here to lull you into any form of subtlety. Profane Geometry has seen the band really grow from the 5 aforementioned Lair of Xenolich and alongside along with being a more ferocious record the creation has been a flawless production giving the end product a really slick finish as it blasts into your ears.

Album Review: Black Hole Deity - Profane Geometry

Profane Geometry is well rounded in every area of its performance and is a mammoth of blackened death metal in which the band showcase their ability to execute the grit and savage nature of the style especially on tracks such as “Human Filet” and “Crucible Knight”. The vocal performance is another very strong aspect of the album, they have a very traditional death metal approach and delivery in the execution, but with more of a focus on delivering with a more aggressive flare behind them.

Black Hole Deity has built a really stellar slab of furious death metal. It's got a great selection of killer riffs woven together to create really enjoyable tracks. The drums absolutely fly and the performance just sounds so easy that you just take for granted the absolute force and power they bring into the end product.

Profane Geometry is a solid well crafted piece of death metal with enough going on to keep your attention on the product and death metal fans would be stupid not to give this the attention it deserves.

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