Album Review: Cryptic Hatred – Internal Torment

Album Review: Cryptic Hatred - Internal Torment

Album Review: Cryptic Hatred - Internal Torment
Reviewed by Drew McCarthy

Finland is a country that seems to of had a tradition of producing many great metal bands over the years such as Children Of Bodom and Lordi. That trend looks set to continue as death metal outfit Cryptic Hatred, who recently signed to Time To Kill Records, are getting ready to unleash their second album entitled 'Internal Torment' later this week.

This is an album that highlights the almost surgical precision and intuitive take on death metal that these lads embody. Although the most interesting thing about 'Internal Torment' is the way that eerie atmospherics are brought to the table giving a sense of both tension and tranquility that I don't believe that many death metal bands have managed to do in the past. This is astounding to think about when you remember that this is only the bands second album. Whilst the songwriting present on 'Internal Torment' does seem to be reminiscent of death metal stalwarts Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation and Death, what these lads have managed to deliver is arguably a body of work that pays homage to the legends that came before them, takes what the godfathers of death metal achieved and expands and reinvigorates it for the present day.

Album Review: Cryptic Hatred - Internal Torment

'Internal Torment' stands as a testament to the ability of Cryptic Hatred to craft songs that speak to the very soul of humanity. It invites you to explore the dark and murky shadows that are within all of us and to confront head on the personal demons that are lurking in the darkest recesses of our minds. Thus making this not only another metal album, but a haunting journey of self discovery. From the opening song 'Death Is Upon You' to the closing title track, riffs seemingly born from primal rage stand proudly alongside Killswitch Engage-esque melodies, this is an album that also benefits greatly from a top notch production quality, allowing each song its own room to breathe.

Throughout the songs found on 'Internal Torment', the musical prowess that the members of Cryptic Hatred possess becomes starkly evident as with a subtle finesse, weaving together both intense, crushing riffs and seemingly relentless blast beats that harks back to their death metal roots. Couple this with incredibly haunting melodies which creating an atmosphere that will no doubt make anyone that listens to this album feel very emotional as they are head banging wildly until it feels like their neck may snap.

What Cryptic Hatred have managed to do with these ten songs deserves to be applauded, an album that dares to be different to many albums in the metal genre, it ventures beyond the confines and conventions of death metal without skimping on the rage and viciousness. Subtle doom influences and unsettling melodies are weaved throughout that will leave anyone that listens to this album a bruised and battered mess. This is what any great metal album should do and that is what makes this something that deserves the attention of the entire metal community. If this is what a relatively new band can create on their sophomore album, then I caand& plaudits that I do not doubt will soon be coming their way.

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