Memoriam Guitarist Launches New Project!

As The World Dies

Scott Fairfax is the well known face behind the riffs in legendary death metal outfit Memoriam. Alongside former Ashen Crown drummer Chris McGrath they have been working on a new project, ready to destroy your ears! They introduce to you As The World Dies!

With nine, possibly ten tracks ready, they will be working with Ajeet Gill at Hellfire Studios, to mix and master the project. Scott worked with Ajeet for the first Memoriam demos and their highly recognised debut album to help them achieve a huge sounding record.

The band are now thrilled to announce that they have a full line up ready to record. Enlisted in the project are some fantastic musicians who are more than pleased to help impale the music industry with the brutality that is ‘As The World Dies’.

On drums will be Chris McGrath who has been a lifelong friend of Scott's, he himself is a renowned drummer who has most recently had major success with Birmingham death metal ensemble Ashen Crown as well as being a part of Memoriam himself for one live show.

On bass is Phil Milman (Ashen Crown), second guitar comes from former Gehtika guitarist Topher O’Meagher and on vocals is former The Face Of Ruin frontman Alex Mumford.

As The World Dies

Chris McGrath comments on the project:

As The World Dies is a reference to the chaos & destruction that the human race has caused and highlights that we are all guilty of its demise. Quite simply, "We are standing and watching 'As The World Dies'

We didn't want to release just another death metal racket, we wanted something with meaning.

As The World Dies is heavily influenced by bands such as.At The Gates, Benediction, Strapping Young Lad, Cannibal Corpse, Bolt thrower and also for a different and more melodic spin on Septicflesh and Devin Townsend’s earlier career and is set to feature the crushing riffs and soundscapes Scott is renowned for creating.

You can get an idea for the bands new sound in this teaser clip.

We'll bring you all the As The World Dies news as the camp release it!