Album Review: The Lumberjack Feedback – Mere Mortals

The Lumberjack Feedback

Album Review: The Lumberjack Feedback - Mere Mortals
Reviewed by Carl Black

As I've become older I have become more open to instrumental albums. In my advanced years I've realised that you can enjoy and like a band but the vocal style can be the major make or break of the group. With instrumental bands you don't have to make this decision.

Album Review: The Lunberjack Feedback

If the music is good you know you're going to enjoy the album. Where do The Lumberjack Feedback fall into my psyche regarding my new found love of instrumental music? With any instrumental band there is no vocalist to talk to you (obviously), the riffs must speak to the listener.

Some bands do this incredibly well and shout at the listener, Russian Circles are fine example. Every single riff they play seems to speak a thousand words. The Lumberjack Feedback are not quite at this level just yet. Their riffs don't so much as speak to the listener, as whisper loudly. As they develop more and write more distinct music this will become more defined.

The Lumberjack Feedback don't have the luxury of a vocalist. They have a bunch of really engaging riffs which sound somewhat dulled down. As they keep developing and producing music that people recognise and identify with I do think they can build up very respectable following.

It was an interesting listen and I did enjoy the album. I just need to hear a little bit more. I need the album to speak to me a little bit louder and if possible I'd like the album to SCREAM at me.

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