Album Review: A Horse Called War – Good For Glue (And Nothing Else)

A Horse Called War

Album Review: A Horse Called War - Good For Glue (And Nothing Else)
Reviewed by Carl Black

Those of us who have never been in a band before would like to think that most bands all grew up together and were old school friends, who one day decided to start a band and give this old music thing a go. Unfortunately, as we grow older we realise this is not the case. However, this is the case with East Anglian four piece A Horse Called War, who have produced a 5 track mini album, 'Good For Glue (and Nothing Else)'.

Their sound, a little bit fuzzy and low lo-fi with extremely harsh vocals, all wrapped up in a bit of feedback. The more coherent vocals have a hint of Chino Moreno from the Deftones. The whole thing reminds me of a 90s band called Medulla Nocte who were on Household Records. A House Named War would have been been welcomed into household records if this was recorded back in the day. They hit the riffs hard and knuckle down to some good, pounding tunes.

A Horse Called War - Good For GlueThe opening track, 'Dog is Dead', is typical of their sound and of their harsh delivery. 'Old One Eye' is a six minute song. I worried that it could be contrived as slightly ambitious for a band of this stature and of this style of music, however I was completely wrong as this the best song on the album. Mixing fast and slow riffs with an Orange Goblin theme running through it. Inevitably with any band's early work there are a few tracks that sound of a similar vein and are a bit forgetful. This is a good effort and well worth a listen.

The tracks offer plenty of potential, let's have fun listening to these friends smashing out some songs and living their boyhood dreams, because if no one's listening, they are going to doing it anyway.


A Horse Called War release 'Good For Glue (And Nothing Else)' via APF Records on November 22nd.

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