Interview: THICKO


Interview: Thicko
Interviewer: Tim Finch

Thicko have sprung onto the scene with a strong message about the state of the UK at the moment. As a country we are in tatters and messers Catten and Kenney have a lot to say about it. We sat down with Paul Kenney to discuss the project.


The Razor's Edge: Welcome to The Razor's Edge!
Thicko... many of our readers may be unfamiliar with the project, but more familiar with the names behind it. What is Thicko?

Paul Kenney: Thicko is an angry rant at the political situation currently in Britain. we cant change the news or what is going on, but we can shout at it.

The Razor's Edge: How did you and Paul Catten come together on this project?

Paul Kenney: We have been talking for years about doing something together, and after I posted a link on facebook to a track by Disgust, Catten commented underneath that we should do something like that. From that I immediately messaged him and I recorded a demo track that night.

The Razor's Edge: Your songs are very politically themed. Whats the motivational driver behind the message?

Paul Kenney: Britain 2016 to current day. Its annoying, frustrating, anger inducing. Every news headline, every time you open social media, every time you put on the TV. It's lies, Brexit, more lies, you cant plan for the future, you cant even talk to family members without an argument. We just put that anger into song format and it worked straight off.

The Razor's Edge: Why is now the right time for Thicko?

Paul Kenney: Brexit

The Razor's Edge: Do you think/hope your message will make a difference? Make people think maybe?

Paul Kenney: Nope, its a release from our side, an outpouring of built up anger that needed to be released. If it changes peoples minds, then that's good. If not, fine.

The Razor's Edge: There was always a prominent political theme running through Fukpig, but not so much with Kroh or Mistress. Is this a conscious decision to focus your projects in different directions?

Paul Kenney: It always depends on the vocalist. I let them have complete control over what they do and then I mould the final song around that performance. I work from vague demos until the vocalist has recorded and then I go back are re-shape the track around what they have done. I never know where the track is going until that point. As I record and play all the instruments in everything I do, I can then replace and rebuild as an when. It helps having a home studio and also for Catten to have a home studio, we can bounce off each other really fast and react to the news as it happens

The Razor's Edge: The project appeared in our consciousness out of know where. Was it long in the making?

Paul Kenney: I recorded the album in a week, and then I lost it in a PC World disaster. So it was then re-recorded in another week and given to Catten. A lot of the tracks were released the day the vocals went down. Rather than waiting and putting it out on vinyl or whatever, we dropped them as soon as they were finished at random times and days. Just so the anger was fresh and current and straight out to people. It's refreshing to release music as fast as it's made, after working on projects that took upwards of 18 months at a time.

The Razor's Edge: How has the music been received by fans and the critics?

Paul Kenney: Great so far, we need to get the word out further, but everyone that has heard it has liked it so far.

The Razor's Edge: The music is currently available electronically, any plans to do a physical release of this record?

Paul Kenney: Yeah, hopefully next year, we are talking to people...

The Razor's Edge: Any plans to perform this project live?

Paul Kenney: Yeah in 2020 we will be live, with more tracks and a more focused anger.

The Razor's Edge: Whats next for THICKO?

Paul Kenney: Gigs, album number two, more gigs, more shouting, more work twats.

Thico's 'The Begining is Nigh' is available now on all good streaming services.

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