Album Review: Cro-Mags – From The Grave

Album Review: Cro-Mags - From the Grave
Reviewed by Carl Black

It's always good to have a new Cro-Mags release. You know what you’re going to get… or so I thought. This three track EP is not as straight forward as you’d think.

First cab off the rank is the title track 'From the Grave'. Just over two minutes in length and is a dirty little rock and roller with Harley Flanagan giving a vocal performance that sounds like James Hetfield after 20 woodbines along with a hypnotherapist having taken the words “ohh “and “yeah” away from his psyche. This is dirty, very dirty, Motorhead style dirty. If the Cro-Mags were to move in next door to you the lawn wouldn’t die, but it would turn a bit brown and look a bit like hay. There has been a Motorhead shaped hole in music for some time and Cro-Mags seem to be up for filling it on the evidence of this track. It was only later that I discover that Phil Campbell of Motorhead, guested on this song which explains a lot.

Next up 'PTSD'. Again just over two minutes long. It’s faster than the first track, and more metal. It's a fine effort and at this moment I’m like the Emperor in Return of the Jedi, things are happening as I have foreseen them. Less than five minutes in and awaiting the third and final track and I’m ready for another short sharp shock. But wait... No... No? This is where the EP takes a sharp turn.

'Between Wars' is a five minute plus instrumental that begins with a haunting, almost delicate guitar riff that builds into a chunky, powerful and rich crescendo which has more drum fills than The Crimson Idol by WASP. It then gives way to the outro that has more in common with Wardruna than New York Hard-core.

An engaging and surprising EP. Not what I was expecting but very happy none the less.


Cro-Mags release 'From The Grave' on December 6th.

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