Live Review: GWAR – Wolverhampton

Live Review: GWAR - Wolverhampton
Review by Cat Finch

To describe GWAR to the uninitiated is not an easy task… how do you describe former members of the elite galactic fighting force, the Scumdogs of the Universe, each member banished from the group and thus forming the band GWAR. [True story]. So on stage they are towering beings, geared up in armour and playing some of the greatest heavy metal known to human kind. If you are not interested yet… you should be!

The GWAR tour rolls through the UK this December, with support from Voivod and Childrain. We caught up with them at K.K. Downing’s venue – K.K.’s Steel Mill – in Wolverhampton and what an evening it was.

Childrain open proceedings for the evening, the first heavy metal band declaring themselves from the Basque Country that I can recall [please correct me if there are others]. Despite some early technical problems, (quiet vocals to start then a small guitar issue), the band forge a wonderful half hour set, full of tasty riffs and thrashy licks. They mix elements of thrash with other styles to produce a fresh, energetic sounding performance. A performance appreciated by those in the building early doors.

Last year Voivod released a stand out new album in ‘The Wake’ now they tour the UK in full for the first time since its release and the fans have come in their droves to witness the performance. Voivod are one of those bands you either get or you don't, progressive extreme metal just doesn’t register with some. But tonight we have a venue full of those who do get the Quebecois four piece. Opening with ‘Post Society’ and following with ‘Psychic Vacuum’ a definitely fan pleaser. A surprise inclusion of ‘Fix My Heart’ is received well but the crowd saves the biggest reaction for set closet Voivod.

Photo Credit: Tim Finch Photography

And thus we are ready to be invaded by beings from across the galaxy. As the stage darkens four huge figures emerge from the shadows wearing large ‘armour’ the band launch into ‘The Salaminizer’ to kick off the set.

For those not in the know, the GWAR live show is one filled with much fluid. The band love spewing blood, guts, jizz and more from the stage and into the crowd [all fake I might add]. If you go to a GWAR show you are going to get wet!

The first fan squirting comes during ‘Krak Down’ as an additional character, dressed as a policeman interrupts the set. Eventually he spews blood from his chest into the crowd before being sodomized by two extras and removed from proceedings. [Yes you read the whole of that paragraph correctly].

Photo Credit: Tim Finch Photography

As the set moves on there are various other characters introduced into the bands story, most of whom find a sticky end along with the fans. The set incorporates classics including ‘Bring Back The Bomb’, ‘Black and Huge’, ‘Ham On The Bones’ and ‘Fuck This Place’. But the set's not over! To introduce closer ‘Sick of You’ Donald Trump makes an appearance, giving frontman Blöthar the Berserker (and his two penises) a blow job before meeting an untimely death.

GWAR yet again prove that they are not just musicians but theatrical showmen, as the fans clear the room a pool of various juices is left for the venue to clear up. It’s been one hell of an evening, proving once and for all that GWAR are the ultimate in heavy metal entertainment.

Photo Credit: Tim Finch Photography

Photo credits: Tim Finch Photography

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