Live Review: Jinjer – Birmingham

Live Review: Jinjer - Birmingham
Review by Tim Finch

Jinjer are the darlings of the current heavy music scene. Adored by critics and fans alike, their stock is rising fast. Off the back of their latest album, Macro, they now tour the UK for only the second time.

The tour is pretty much sold out, we’ve heard tales of last nights show in London being off the scale so we’ve come along to The Asylum in Birmingham to find out for ourselves. 

First band in the four band bill are Ukrainians Space of Variations. The four youngsters produce a sound not unlike Biohazard but with a more modern twists. It’s hardcore meets modern day heavy metal in a clash of styles and a wave of angst. These young lads have an energy about them, hard shouty vocals from Dima mixed with guitarists Alex’s softer vocal tone. Occasional electronica is also thrown into the mix to round out an eclectic yet energetic set.

Helsinki natives Khroma describe themselves as metal/groove and they are new to us here. Not sure where groove comes into it, their loud aggressive tones come over strong in the short half hour set. Four angry young men with a darkened twist on traditional heavy metal. Samples play their part in the sound the band produces but ultimately I’m not convinced the crowd in Birmingham saw their appeal.

Main support for the tour are Canadian metal The Agonist, label mates of tonight’s headliner. Their sound more established than the previous two bands, they open a pit up from early on as the crowd accept them with open arms. Front woman Vicky produces a unique vocal sound, half the time a haunting death metal growl, the rest of the time a harmonic, almost operatic, certainly mesmerising vocals. The bands sound is heavy, thrash orientated riffs are times and a wall of bass drum hits you throughout. Its a well rounded set and shows the band can hold their own in front of of a raucous British crowd.

Photo Credit: Tim Finch Photography

The lights in the room dim, and the giant led screens at the back of the stage flicker into life. A countdown clock slowly ticks from 3 minutes down. The time seems to pass slowly waiting with anticipation for the headline act to appear, as the clock gets to 10 seconds the crowd start to chant along... 10... 9... 8... They erupt as four figures take to the darkened stage as the clock strikes zero, for it is now time.

The screens behind the band turn into a wall of light as they launch into set opener 'Teacher, Teacher' a raucous number that gives the show the kick start it needs. 

Photo Credit: Tim Finch Photography

The four figures appear silhouetted up on stage for most of the show, letting the music do the talking. Tatiana's vocals hold the audience by the balls gripping tight as the assault of riff's continue. This is a band that knows how to grasp the audience's attention and they do it so well.

'Judgement (& Punishment)' is the first song to appear from the bands latest opus, Macro. The sold out Asylum venue lapping up the new material just as they have already done with the old. Heads band and pits start as the set progresses through 'I Speak Astronomy' and 'Dreadful Moments'.

Rounding out 'Pisces' the band draw a close to the evenings entertainment. Some will go onto the club night in the same venue afterwards, others go home with ringing in their ears. One thing was guaranteed, all go home with a smile on their faces having witnessed something very special tonight.

Photo Credit: Tim Finch Photography

Phot credits: Tim Finch Photography

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