Live Review: MTV Headbangers Ball Tour 2019

Live Review: MTV Headbangers Ball Tour 2019
Review by Deegan Armitage

For those who don't remember, Headbangers Ball was a music show on MTV that would show heavy metal music videos alongside interviews with bands and reviews. The show was ultimately cancelled in the mid-90s and despite a few attempts at reviving the show and one-off specials it never really came back to its former glory. Alongside the TV series the Headbangers Ball also promoted live shows, showcasing some of the best metal has to offer and this tradition continues. 2019's Headbangers Ball tour was no exception, held in the Electric Ball Room in Camden it showcased four massive bands and we were there too see it all.

Opening the evening were British extreme metal band Dyscarnate who’s style of death metal kept both the old school and new school metallers very happy. They played a solid eight song set and for an opening act, they certainly put the bar up very high.

Up next were Fleshgod Apocalypse who’s fusion of classical music and technical death metal blew the roof off the Ballroom. Before the set the band were blasting out classical music as an intro and fired straight into 'The Violation'. The band were on top form tonight blasting through a solid mix of their older albums and newer stuff and then promised that they would be back in the UK very soon.

Third on the bill were deathcore legends Whitechapel. Having recently released a new album ‘The Valley’ the band were performing a brilliant mix of their heavier stuff alongside their more mellow songs, it was a nice balance which kept their older and newer fans very happy.

Finally it was the turn of headliners for the night Canadian death metal legends Kataklysm and they were truly solid. Playing a roaring fourteen song setlist that truly didn't let up from their first song 'The Soul Destroyer' through to their last song 'Elevate'. Heads were banging and fists were pumping by the end of the set, at which point they promised they would be back to the UK very soon.

The tour was a brilliant mix of extreme music and you can still catch the last few shows in Germany.

Live Review: MTV Headbangers Ball Tour 2019

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