Live Review: Cannabis Corpse – Bridgewater

cannabis corpse

Live Review: Cannabis Corpse - Bridgewater
Review by Neil Brannagan-Fuller
Photography by April Bishop

When you head south of Bristol dedicated metal gig venues start becoming a bit scarce, but the Cobblestones in Bridgewater keep the flag flying as the home to Somerset’s Metal 2 The Masses heats and a regular flurry of local and international acts.

Tonight’s openers Unburier came up from Yeovil, with a place on a pretty high profile bill, the young thrashers were keen to impress. With a good early turn out, there was soon a small but energetic moshpit to show them some appreciation. They blasted through their set, including a cracking new track from their upcoming EP which really shows the benefit of the year the lads have spent gigging!

Live Review: Cannabis Corpse – Bridgewater

Also up from Yeovil are sonic death metallers Perdisian, who after a small technical screw up, ripped through their set of brutal modern death metal, mainly taken from their full length album Evocation. The three piece stirred up the crowd of locals into a whirling mass bodies with their mix of guttural roars and high pitch screams.

Live Review: Cannabis Corpse – Bridgewater

The first of the international acts of the night are Withered, from Atlanta, Georgia. Their variety of extreme metal is pretty intense, and the twin vocals, tearing guitars and thunderous bass create a complex avant-garde sound that wasn’t to everyone’s taste and the local crowd thinned out a little during their set.

To top of the night, Richmond, Virginias Cannabis Corpse pulled back the crowd from the courtyard with a playlist packed full of tracks from their back catalogue as well as their latest release ‘Nug So Vile’. The Somerset audience soon got into the swing of things, and LandPhil Hall and his gang were rewarded with a wall of death and an enthusiastic moshpit enjoying their weed based blend of Death Metal!

Photo credits: April Bishop
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