Macabre Release Music Video For ‘The Ted Bundy Song’


Macabre Release Music Video For ‘The Ted Bundy Song’.

The Chicago legends of Murder Metal/Death Metal, MACABRE, have come back recharged with Nuclear Blast and are making their entire discography available digitally. Check out the entire MACABRE catalogue here.

To celebrate, the band offers fans a music video for 'The Ted Bundy Song' off their 1993 album 'Sinister Slaughter'. Directed by Jeffrey Sisson, the video features Travis Ryan of CATTLE DECAPITATION as Ted Bundy. Watch the video here:

Corporate Death comments,

"We are a band that has been around a very long time. Making the entire MACABRE catalogue available digitally is something new school for us, so to help promote that we decided to do something old school embracing new and make a music video from something deep in our catalogue. Going back to 1993, here is 'The Ted Bundy Song' from our 'Sinister Slaughter' album.“

Formed in 1985, MACABRE blends elements of true crime, math rock, nursery rhymes, punk, thrash, folk melodies, death metal, jazz fusion, black metal and more into an energetic, catchy and unmistakable amalgam. 'Murder Metal' is MACABRE's signature style, a genre of one. The all-too-true tales of man's inhumanity to man are delivered with knife-edge precision, interspersed with Corporate Death's patented (back when he was a toddler) screech.

Fast and heavy, with a focus on things that make happy shiny people cringe, the original members, Corporate Death (guitar and vocals), Nefarious (bass and vocals) and Dennis the Menace (drums) are still together. MACABRE have brought mayhem to the world in the past decades, playing dozens of countries over the years. MACABRE's rabid fans, including members of bands ranging from CARCASS to SLIPKNOT, relish the band's tight and increasingly sophisticated music; they exult in their musical chops as much as in the band's sense of humour, killer music, and deadly subjects.

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