Album Review: The Alligator Wine – Demons Of The Mind

Album Review: The Alligator Wine - Demons Of The Mind

Album Review: The Alligator Wine - Demons Of The Mind
Reviewed by Tim Finch

From the open notes of ‘Shotgun’ hailing from an organ you immediately know the album you are about to listen to is unique. As the song builds from that point it soon explodes into a cacophony of musical merriment ending a few minutes later in a rather anthemic chant of “SHOUTGUN!”. A very individual take on music of any kind, and that ultimately is exactly what The Alligator Wine are all about.

The duo that make up The Alligator Wine approach things very differently. Rob Vitacca provides the main vocals along with keyboards/organs, which Thomas Teufel handles drums and backing vocals. Whilst on paper that would sound like they are missing dimensions from the “normal” make up of a band, on record they miss nothing, instead creating vast soundscapes and allowing the listener to get lost amongst in the music.

Album Review: The Alligator Wine - Demons Of The Mind

The album offers a smorgasbord of styles and sound whilst also varying in pace and intensity. ‘Crocodile Inn’ follows ‘Shotgun’ and sits in complete contrast to the opener. Atmospheric, eerie and slow paced the drums, lower than usual in the mix, but the purposeful driving force of the track.

Despite being mainly organs, drums and vocals the song writing of this duo means that fact is soon lost in the listeners mind. ‘Voodoo’ with its thumping intro transforms into a heartfelt anthemic number. ‘The Flying Carousel’, possibly the hightlight of the album, with its up beat, fun inducing intro transforming into a ditty that you can’t help but dance along to. The melodic, therapeutic drum beat that underlies the song has your foot tapping from the off before the combo of Rob’s vocals and organ wizardry has you out you chair, arms aloft dancing like your life depends on it.

Melding elements of psychedelia, seventies rock and a whole host of other styles the duo have created possibly one of the most expansive albums of the year. A work of art that is fun from start to finish, a thoroughly enjoyable masterpiece. If you are looking for some easy listening rock to lose yourself in, look no further!

'Demons of the Mind' is released on April 24th via Century Media Records

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