Single Review: Rage – The Price Of War 2.0

Album Review: Rage - Wings of Rage

Single Review: Rage - The Price Of War 2.0
Reviewed by Gareth Pugh

It only seems like a few weeks ago that I was writing the review to Rage's new album, the rather brilliant 'Wings of Rage'; it was actually back in January, and, as we all know, many things have changed in the world in last 6 months. The same can be said of Rage, I was shocked and sad to hear that guitarist Marcos has decided to leave the band, for undisclosed private and personal reasons. Although I'm glad to hear that it was a perfectly amicable split, one that Peavey (leader, founder, vocals, bass) doesn't understand, but he completely respects his friend's decision and what's the best for his well being. And I would like to send him nothing but good wishes for the future.

To replace Marcos, Peavey has brought in two young guns, in Stefan Weber and Jean Bormann, two names I must admit I'm unfamiliar with. And to introduce the new line-up Rage quickly put out this re-recording of the old 'Black in Mind' track 'The Price of War'.
It's a slightly odd, yet quite clever choice of song, as it's probably a track that many won't be familiar with. It's a pretty faithful version of the old track, which is upbeat and fast with a nice choppy riff and as usual with Rage, it's full of subtle hooks and a strong chorus. The new guys also get to put their stamp on it, by really shredding in the solo section, and harmonising the final part. I also think the choice of song is possibly a nod to the future as well. 'Black in Mind' was always one of Rage's heavier albums, so I think that new material will be in a similar heavier style. I'm certainly going to look forward to hearing it. Until then, this is is a nice little bonus to whet the appetite.

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