Album Review: Static-X – Project: Regeneration Vol. 1

Album Review: Static-X - Project: Regeneration Vol. 1

Album Review: Static-X - Project: Regeneration Vol. 1
Reviewed by Tim Finch

During the nu-metal revolution of the early 2000’s there was one band that stood out, they offered something different and something unique from the rest of the crowd. Whilst listening back to a lot of “nu metal” twenty years later, albums often feel dated and they certainly haven’t stood the test of time well. Static-X were different and their original albums stand as fresh today as when they were released.

Obviously, in the present we are all well aware of the tragic passing of frontman Wayne Static, but last year there was a glimpse of hope for the fans, a tour, a regenerated Static-X with original members and a mysterious masked figure ‘Xero’ filling in for the late Wayne. The shows were electrifying and revitalised interest in the band from a wider audience but where to next? What does a band missing that vital cog do to follow this up?


The answer to those questions is a new album, using previously unused vocal recordings by Wayne himself, the band have recorded a new album, maybe picked a unreleased demo or two out from the past along with new material and recorded not one, but two albums. The first of those drops TODAY! ‘Project: Regeneration Vol. 1’.

Kicking off with ‘Regeneration’ an intro more than a real song, its less metal and more techno, but an intriguing beginning for what is to come. ‘Hollow’ kicks us off in real the new material picking up exactly where the band left off, this is unmistakable Static-X. ‘Worth Dying For’ steps back to the sound of ‘Wisconsin Death Trip’ as if plucked from said album itself, the wonderfully unique style Wayne delivered his vocals evident in all it’s glory.

The band mix their almost techno leanings into their own brand of heavy metal. The sound they became famous for is back in all its glory as the album progresses, 'Terminator Oscillator’ a perfect example of this. The intensity, the energy, the exuberance of the band on show once more.

The album revitalises a sound that has not been heard for a long time, it brings the band back to the forefront of a scene it left many years ago. Old school Static-X fans will lap this up as a return they never thought would happen. But this will also win the band new fans, garner them a wider audience as people discover the band for the first time. In an often stale environment where bands offer the same platter time and time again, Static-X return bringing something different to the table, just as they did 21 years ago.

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