Album Review: The Big Dirty – The Sex

Northampton Rockers The Big Dirty Release New Video

Album Review: The Big Dirty - The Sex
Reviewed by Tim Finch

You can be forgiven for not having heard of The Big Dirty before, the young Northampton based rockers are just breaking onto the forefront of the British scene, a scene that is absolutely thriving right now, despite the lock down. They formed just two years ago with a goal of revitalising sleaze rock, and have been causing waves on the live circuit ever since. ‘The Sex’ see’s the lads debut on record and certainly they seem to be hitting the target on their goal.

The albums opens with ‘Foreplay’, not a song, but an intro… a phone rings, a lady answers “Ladies and Gentlemen you are now listening to the sweet, sweet sound of the sex….”. Ok, with the scene set we know exactly what is about to hit us. ‘Hold My Beer’ telling the tale of a gentleman’s attempts to win over a young lady. Raunchy, rock fuels riffs, a bounding chorus and plenty of sleaze on offer right from the start.

The Big Dirty

As the album progresses, lyrics like “It’s always been my dream to get inside you” and “I want to feel it slipping deep inside” are interesting choices in these days of political correctness and probably won’t win over a section of the population, but I get the impression that’s not their target audience here…

After pile drivers of sleaze rock anthems in ‘Hold My beer’ and ‘Dirty Rider’ the atmosphere created on the album seems to seep away a little through ‘Whiskey Pistol’ and ‘Love With the Lights Off’ before the ballads of ‘Take It Slow’ and ‘All Night Long’.

With ‘Devil Woman’ the anthems return, the fast paced riffaging from the intro through to Jonny Rockets majestic howling vocals. ‘Rhythm Of My Drum’ mixes things up with a completely different style and an almost spoken word vocal line, it shows the band now how to switch things up and keep the listener on their toes.

The bands goal was to revitalise the world of sleaze rock and with ‘The Sex’ they have certainly done that, catchy hooks keep the listener enthralled throughout, anthemic tunes have your fist pumping and foot tapping and I can only image what a live show will be like. Fans of Steal Panther and Motley Crue, there’s a new set of lads in town. Bin off those aging rock stars, the energy and charisma of The Big Dirty has arrived.

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