Album Review: Oblivion Beach – Cold River Spell

Album Review: Oblivion Beach - Cold River Spell

Album Review: Oblivion Beach - Cold River Spell
Reviewed by Neil Bolton

This doom five piece crawled out from the cold Finnish remains of the band Vuolla in 2018. 'Cold River Spell', their first album, hopes to take the listener deep into the forest that grows thick and dark inside us all. The cold dark winter of Northern Finland is accustomed to producing metal music and Oblivion Beach wish to shine dark in that hoard.
The first thing that jumps out to a new listener is the glorious vocals that greet and caress you. They could almost be described as poppy, but this sensation of pop singer soon dissipates as the slow metal riffs begin to seep into your ears while listening to the first track 'Faces Nameless'. A wonderful doom laden track full of menace and charm, gets the head moving while you relax further into whatever piece of furniture you are occupying at the time.
Album Review: Oblivion Beach - Cold River Spell
The second number 'Elektrik Forest' was a digital single and has a video to go along with it. In fact, there are a total of three digital singles and videos from this album so far. 'Elektrik Forest' has a stoner rock kind of vibe at the outset, still with the dream like vocals making this band stand out a little from the pack. A slow doom chug interludes, then gives way to once again rock out to its conclusion.
A wonderful riff greats the listener at the start of the third track, creating a dark and cold atmosphere complemented by the vocals that soon join. The vocals this time have a slightly different feel to them thus proving that Kati Kallinen is no one trick pony. 'The Dive' is dominated by Kallinen’s vocals, with what can only be called the album’s ballad. The bright vocals should not combine with the dark music it is surrounded by; but the two marry well.
The theme of dark somber music and uplifting vocals is a trait that is carried throughout the album. 'Cold River Spell' is both refreshing and icy, and should fit in very well in the doom listeners collection.

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