Album Review: Ruff Majik – The Devil’s Cattle

Album Review: Ruff Majik - The Devil's Cattle

Album Review: Ruff Majik - The Devil's Cattle
Reviewed by Neil Bolton

South African's Ruff Majik perform sleazy, stoner, rock and roll party music to make you dance, drink, and rock your evening away. With a sound akin to the U.K.s excellent Sky Valley Mistress, these gentlemen wrote this album last year during many line up changes and the departure of founding member and bassist Jimmy Glass. With support of a new record label, 'The Devil's Cattle' is a calling card suggesting this band love to perform the music they create.

Album Review: Ruff Majik - The Devil's Cattle

'All you Need Is Speed' begins the album with a brief motorbike growl before the distinctive vocals kick in. High pitched, but not King Diamond style, they complement the stoner/sludgy rock very well. An enticing beat keeps the listener involved in the tune and we soon get to 'Swine Tooth Grin', carrying on the vibe established in the first track, a powerful rock tune unfolds in front of you. Once again the rhythm and beat pull the listener in and keep them enthralled in the music. The foot tapping head bobbing atmosphere amplifies with the third track 'Shrug of the Year' always partnered with the distinctive vocals you have now grown accustomed to.

With lyrical themes revolving around substance abuse, fear of isolation, and failed relationships, this type of dirty rock works well.  They speed up and become a little more angry with 'Heart Like an Alligator' and then slow down with 'Gregory'; a small slice of the blues is served with this one, adding to the mood already established.  Samples are used well in this album, usually at the start of the tunes, and there is a humorous video to accompany 'Lead Pills And Thrills' suggesting the bands love of horror films. With other videos suggesting their love of a live performance.

In essence this is a clever and entertaining rock and roll album, or rot and roll if you wish to use the bands term, displaying this bands talents and skills to make a listener swing, sway and dream of live gigs.

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