Album Review: Foo Fighters – Medicine At Midnight

Album Review: Foo Fighters - Medicine At Midnight
Reviewed by Tim Finch

The Foo Fighters are a band that should need absolutely no introduction. They are, some would argue, the biggest modern day rock band on the planet, certainly a stadium filler across the world. It may not seem like it, but it’s now four years since the band released ‘Concrete and Gold’, the addictive opening of the first three tracks on that album keeping the listener enthralled and drawing them head first into the rest of the record. An album that still sees regular rotation to this day.

But what next for the band? Today we find out as ‘Medicine at Midnight’, the bands tenth studio album, is spinning on The Razor’s Edge desks in preparation for it’s global release this Friday.

Kicking off in fine style with ‘Making A Fire’ the Foo’s have picked up where they left off on the last album. It effortlessly flows from the older recording through to this track. An upbeat rocker of a track with all the elements you expect from Grohl and the gang. ‘Shame Shame’ is a darker number, both musically and lyrically covering love, rejection and the feeling of shame, although Game of Thrones fans have got to be clinging to hope the title was somewhat inspired by *that* scene!

Album Review: Foo Fights - Medicine At Midnight

The album bounces along in the Foo Fighters own unique style. If any track on this album came on the radio it would immediately be recognisable. No one comes close to their unique song writing, which is perhaps why they have been so successful. Melding the upbeat, happy go lucky songs, with the heart wrenching ballads and into those more serious numbers with a message to be delivered to the listener.

Behind that distinctive voice of Grohl’s the ever faithful Hawkins on the drum stool delivers a story of his own. Sitting quietly in the background but bursting through to drive a song forward when required, the rhythm of his patter the ever present heartbeat of the band. The presence of Rami Jaffee on keyboards has given the overall sound the band produce depth and stature. Whilst a subtle addition for the average listener, it gives the songs that foundation off which Smear, Shiflett and Grohl can build.

For the die-hard Foo Fighter fan, 'Medicine At Midnight' will be the highlight of the year, its Foo perfection, an ideal progression from ‘Concrete and Gold’ and cementing the Foo’s place in rock and roll history. For the more casual listener there’s enough variation for you to pick and chose a handful of songs that will suit your listening tastes, such is the song writing diversity on this album.

One thing is for sure, the Foo Fighters are here to stay and with ‘Medicine At Midnight’ they take their seat at the top, leaders of the modern day rock revolution.

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