Album Review: Nixil – All Knots Untied

Album Review: Nixil – All Knots Untied
Reviewed by Paul Hutchings

There’s an awful lot to consume in this debut album by Maryland black metal outfit Nixil. Six harrowing and explosive tracks that peel the flesh from skin; it’s an alchemical menu that searches deep into the soul.


Each track twists and turns, swirling and explorative, drenched in atmospheric melancholy. A raging and visceral delivery ensures that when the band pauses for breath, there remains a strangely primitive presence. An admirable stance against fascism on all levels, the lyrics when decipherable carry a strong message. A blend of Mayhem, Primordial and the more advent garde style of Blut Aus Nord or Glorior Belli are all potentially identifiable as the songs weave their magic.

Like many black metal bands, Nixil utilise emotions, blending them into the very blackened hearts of their music. Each track varies in style and delivery, which makes ‘All Knots Untied’ an interesting and captivating listen. The slower, heavier, and darker ‘Deaths of Our Own Design’ draws from the Triptykon well, in contrast to the ferocious and jagged edges of opener ‘Black Earth Within’. The shimmering title track stands proud at the centre, the shortest song on the album but by no means the runt of the litter. The massive ‘Unimpeded by the Weight’ is rightly chosen to conclude the album, such is its gravity.

Nixil feature past/current members of Spectral Tombs, Tsepesch, Dagger Moon, and Corpse Light. The band line-up being CC - vocals MT - drums AR - bass, backing vocals and SG – guitar. ‘All Knots Untied’ was recorded and mixed by J. Robbins (Clutch, The Sword) and mastered by James Plotkin (SunnO))), Thou, Electric Wizard) and they have done a fine job in retaining a gritty and necessary sound. This album is raw and spiky yet has a production value that those living in 2021 should appreciate.

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