E.P. Review: Biolence – Enslave Deplete Destroy

E.P. Review: Biolence - Enslave Deplete Destroy
Reviewed by Richard Oliver

Enslave Deplete Destroy is the new E.P. from Portuguese death thrashers Biolence. The band are a four piece and formed in 1998 describing themselves as “underground veterans with more than two decades of stage performance” and “a deadly mixture between thrash and death metal”. Enslave Deplete Destroy is the fifth release from the band following a demo, E.P. and two full length albums.

E.P. Review: Biolence - Enslave Deplete Destroy

The music of Biolence is a vicious mix of death and thrash metal with the bands influences being described as “The Crown, Asphyx and Monstrosity. Inject some thrash and you'll have Biolence” and the music on Enslave Deplete Destroy is very much a meeting of the early 90’s death metal sound with the more extreme end of 80’s thrash mixed in. It definitely sits more on the death metal side of things but there is that unmistakable old school thrash riffing style present throughout. This E.P. may only be short but it aims to take your head off with the savage death attack of songs such as Merchants Of Inhumanity and Venomous Speech whilst Nuclear Winter has a slightly more melodic feel to it especially in the guitar solos department.

Enslave Deplete Destroy is an enjoyable little E.P. Even with its short length there is plenty of variation throughout the songs. It worships at the altar of the old school and whilst the old school thrash and death metal scenes are overloaded with bands throwing back to the sounds of yesteryear Biolence do it with style and prove than even in an overcrowded scene when it is done well it is still possible to stand out. A short but sweet E.P. of death thrashing goodness.

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