THE COVID EFFECT – Episode 8. Emma Scott, Pluggin’ Baby

THE COVID EFFECT - Episode 8. Emma Scott, Pluggin' Baby

THE COVID EFFECT - Episode 8. Emma Scott, Pluggin' Baby
Interviewed by Tim Finch

Welcome to The Covid Effect, A podcast mini-series brought to you by The Razor's Edge.

In this series we talk to music industry insiders delving into the effects the covid pandemic has brought upon each guest's field within the industry.

In our final episode of the series we chat with Emma Scott, the former voice of Kerrang Radio's Drive Time show, she now runs 'Pluggin Baby' a company that helps push new music onto all of the top radio stations around the country. We chat about the impact of the pandemic on the business, having to claim Universal Credit to get by the worst months of the crisis, how Pluggin Baby has adapted over the past year and a lot more.

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