Album Review: Comeback Kid – Heavy Steps

Album Review: Comeback Kid - Heavy Steps
Reviewed by Daniel Phipps

Winnipeg, the capital of the Canadian province of Manitoba. Now on first thought Winnipeg does not come across as a hot bed of hardcore punk, outside of Comeback Kid the only other band which springs to mind are Figure Four (who contained Comeback Kid members Andrew Neufeld & Jeremy Hiebert). Despite this, it has not got in the way of Comeback Kid and the legacy they have created within the hardcore community, with an extensive back catalogue and massive touring history they are probably the biggest thing to emerge from the Canadian city since Teemu Selanne’s 76 goal rookie season with the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets in 1992.

'Heavy Steps' opens with a barrage of pure energy with its anthemic title track leading the way. Full of heavy riffing and it’s catchy sing along chorus this track helps Comeback Kid set the album's tone right out of the gate. Heavy Steps encapsulates all the sounds that the Manitoba hardcore veterans have delivered throughout their almost 2 decade career. They continue to provide massive anthem tracks such as 'Crossed' or 'Menacing Weight' which will have crowds crawling all over the stage in no time.

Album Review: Comeback Kid – Heavy Steps

Throughout you can find a helping of melody and when they want Comeback Kid ensure they deliver big chugging riffs which you can find during tracks like 'Dead on The Fence' which features some of the most mosh inducing breakdowns I have heard on a Comeback Kid record since 'All in a Year' from the band's debut full length in 2003. The amount on offer on Heavy Steps should come to no surprise as Comeback Kid have been doing this a long time and they are quick to continually provide a collection of hard hitting and varied hardcore tracks.

Heavy Steps is crammed full of energetic hardcore anthems top to bottom, with really solid song writing and structures. Due for release at the end of January this record offers a bright start to 2022.

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