EP Review: Moonlight Sorcery – Piercing Through the Frozen Eternity

EP Review: Moonlight Sorcery - Piercing Through the Frozen Eternity
Reviewed by Rick Eaglestone

I don’t think it would be so bold of me to start off this review by saying that this release already has a great deal of buzz attached to it since it’s independent release back at the early part of this year and It has certainly been firmly on my radar and speakers since then and if recollection serves me right I even publicly stated at the time that this would be this year’s Stormkeep it was picking up some serious momentum and just crying out for a label to pick it up and distribute it to the masses which was inevitably what happened with Avantgarde Music battling through the icy winds to snap this up.

Nearly everything from this Finnish black metal trio’s debut takes its inspiration from classics of the genre but with a modern splash, take for instance the artwork by Linda Piekäinen it immediately grabbed my attention as it’s somewhat reminiscent of Immortal’s At the Heart of War.

The opening track Untenkutoja is a short, frosty piano laden introduction which spills into For Thy Light is Ice which in undeniably ferocious but the biggest thing I take from the track are guitar parts and they really sound like the begins on Yngwie Malmsteen’s Fire & Ice album they are just so intricate and weave in wonderfully.

EP Review: Moonlight Sorcery – Piercing Through the Frozen Eternity

Up next the band’s single from the EP Ice-Veiled Spell - a great choice it’s full on no nonsense black metal with all the best elements moulded in, it certainly leans into the album art and really encapsulates the band’s feel and soundscapes the vocals, drums & guitar are in full working harmony and this paired with the galloping riffs than run throughout Wolven Hour for it’s near eight minute duration really gives the listener something to reflect on and from my standpoint already look towards a studio album in the future.

Lastly, the release takes a slower more purposeful approach for the start Hauta -alttari which when done right really adds another dynamic fortunately the band haven’t gone off course, there are splatters of savagery, which are tapered out by some wonderful organ parts at the end which drift off into nature soundscape – Couldn’t have asked for a more fitting final track.

Piercing Through the Frozen Eternity will be released May 13th via Avantgarde Music

Already a contender for many end of year lists and beyond.

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