Album Review: Conjurer – Páthos


Album Review: Conjurer - Páthos
Reviewed by Rick Eaglestone

Conjurer’s 2018 debut album was released to and quite rightly so a huge fanfare from the metal press and now four years the same thing has happened in anticipation for follow up Pathos

Right from the outset 'It Dwells' quashes any reservations, this has all the hallmarks of quintessential Conjurer – straight in with a seven-minute myriad of phenomenal soundscapes and there is another seven tracks to get through but then comes my highlight track of the album 'Rot' is full on fury weaved into a sweeping soundscape I just cant seem to tear myself away from maybe the fact it’s a conversation between a person’s sense of self and their anxieties that also just seems to hit home more…

Album Review: Conjurer – Páthos

This album is just full to the brim of emotion if you are not a complete wreck by the end of 'All You Will Remember' then we simply cannot be friends, the guest vocals from Alice Zawadzki, add another dimension and another tug on the heart. Every track just flows effortlessly into another 'Basilisk' being just another further example of this a multi-layered beast – sludge, death, doom, black metal and hardcore influences clash and collide throughout

This album manages to still tell a story through the fog, 'Those Years, Condemned' is another example of how in four years the band have maintained their very core but at the same time you’re left in complete awe as to just have polished the musicianship is 'Suffer Alone' has phenomenal guitar parts throughout so much, so they are my favourite of the entire album.

The two final tracks 'In Your Wake' and 'Cracks in the Pyre' do little to deter me from telling anybody who will listen just how much I am love with this phenomenal work of art they just encapsulate everything great about this band that is great about Conjurer which I wish I could articulate just how great that truly is.

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