Album Review: Oath SC – Hallowed Illusions

Album Review: Oath SC – Hallowed Illusions
Reviewed by Rick Eaglestone

There is nothing more comforting than discovering an album in 2022 that makes you feel (at least in my case anyway) like the clock has been turned back three decades and I am discovering heavy metal for the first time.

Let me introduce you to Oath SC!

Opener ‘Disposable’ is a full-on nostalgia trip which gallops into ‘Heresay’ which has some wonderful elements with an instantly earworm worthy chorus. The bass lines dominate ‘Bedsit Symphonies’ which blend into the solo parts nicely.

Album Review: Oath SC – Hallowed Illusions

‘Stockholm Syndrome’ continues the clock ticking backwards – I used to wear a lot of my cassettes out by constantly rewinding certain parts, as previous Oath SC releases have been available on cassette, I am hoping this will too although I will be mindful as I keep going back to the synth parts which I just cannot get enough of.

The spirit of Rush runs through ‘Looking Back’ into title track and full on NWOBHM worship ‘Hallowed Illusions’ which has some wonderful tempo changes – these two tracks work exceptionally well with each other.

I really do enjoy how this album manages to sound consistent but still throw in elements that keep you engaged ‘Standing on the Edge of the World’ is hugely uplifting while still managing to keep my feet tapping and head and neck moving before final track ‘Oath’ picks up the stride and brings the album nicely back to the present day.

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