Album Review: Brotthogg – Epicinium

Album Review: Brotthogg - Epicinium
Reviewed by Rick Eaglestone

Brotthogg return with their third album “Epicinium”

Immediately picking up the mantle from 2020’s ‘The Die Is Cast' opener 'When The Curtain Falls' is laden with great touches of blackened thrash interwoven with guitar solos, the slow creeping atmosphere that lingers in Forvitring’ once again break into solos, whereas the cold spell of black metal races through the entirety of ‘Vengeance’.

Album Review: Brotthogg – Epicinium

Sticking with the frostbitten, highlight track ‘Ravn’ situated in the middle serves as a great palette cleanser as I was beginning to the band were relying a little too much on lengthy solos, although there undoubtedly some, they do not overtake the track itself.

Coming in at nearly seven minutes, ‘Ved skumringens ytterste rand’ is easily the most ambitious with some nice attributes, such as differing vocal styles. Title track ‘Epicinium’ sweeps in next and is great representation of the overall album, a great amalgamation of styles all blended together makes for some enjoyable listening.

Lastly, the fury of ‘Possessed’ brings this effort to a close very neatly.

Rife with dark and gloomy melodies!

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