Release Round Up – September 30th 2022

Release Round Up

Release Round Up - September 30th, 2022 

Every Friday there is a tidal wave of new music released unto the world. Whilst we try to cover as much as possible here at The Razor's Edge, it's not always possible to review everything. So each week on a Friday we'll round up some of the best new music available, some we've reviewed, some we haven't, but all worth checking out!

Theres a lot of new heavy music hitting the airwaves this week, everything from black metal, death metal, gothic metal, Stoner rock, doom, thrash metal and even some of your traditional heavy fuckin' metal!

Here's what we think you should check out today!

Slipknot return with album number seven 'The End, So Far' on Roadrunner Records.

"Welcome to Slikpnot circa 2022. ‘The End, So Far’ is anarchic chaos, all grown up."

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The ultimate rock supergroup The Dead Daisies release 'Radiance' this week on SPV.

"Big riffs, plenty of hooks, lots of melody and perfectly crafted hard rock"

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Old school death metal royalty Autopsy release 'Morbidity Triumphant' via Peaceville Records.

"absolutely barbaric and ferocious"

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New extreme metal force Strigoi release 'Viscera' via Season of Mist.

"The riffs are intense, flickering through black metal into darkness, the pulsing grind a relentless hammer to the cranium."

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No Sun launch 'In The Interim' via Church Road Records this week.

"encapsulating movements of music unlike any other."

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Vicious Rumors look back at their time with Atlantic Records on a new box set release via Cherry Red Records.

"a band that are mostly classed as power metal, yet they have elements that also appeal to aficionados of thrash, speed, and classic metal."

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Fifteen years into their career Acephalix release 'Theothanatology' via 20 Buck Spin.

"they sit you down; tie you up and subject you to everything they can muster until you’re pancaked into the earth."

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Autophagy release 'Bacteriophage' via Pulverised Records this week.

"an album that is absolutely bristling with power, bolstering one of the fattest yet meanest guitar tones since early Bolt Thrower."

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Catalonia death masters Cruz unleash 'Confines de la Cordura' via Nuclear Winter.

"Reminiscent of a beast, rabid, let loose from its chain, the riffs are downright destructive."

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Scandinavian thrashers Ceaseless Torment release 'Victory or Death' on WormholeDeath Records.

"a record that’s fast and to the point and delivers everything you’d want to find in such an album."

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Amaurot release debut album ‘To Tread the Ancient Waters’ on Obelisk Polaris Productions.

"An album that is both stunningly good at times and yet frustratingly challenging in equal measure."

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German power metal veterans Rage return with new EP 'Spreading The Plague'.

"very aggressive and yet progressive in its structuring"

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Northern Ireland's Strangle Wire release debut album 'Shaped By Human Frailty' viw Grindscene Records.

"the Northern Irish quartet come out of the gates firing with their display of razor sharp old school brutality."

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Progressive Canadians Hunting Giants launch 'Mythos' this week.

"‘Mythos’ features a very 1990s vibe, offering elements of nostalgia as well as a contemporary feel."

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Extreme metal outfit VoidOath release 'Ascension Beyond Kokytus' this week via Cognitive Discordance Records.

"the band familiarise us with the general soundscape we’ll be assaulted by for the duration of our stay: a crushing, ethereal nightmare."

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NWOBHM stalwarts Blitzkrieg release boxset 'Inferno: The Complete Recordings Vol. 1 (1980-1998)' via Cherry Red Records this week.

"As a piece of UK metal history, this set is worth a listen if only out of curiosity."

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And thats just the tip of the iceberg! Other releases today we think you should check out include...

Rock / Hard Rock / Classic Rock

Blitzpop - MDMA [EP] (Self-released)
Defects - Dream Awake (Self-released)
Final Stair - Hope (Self-released)
Half Gramme of Soma - Slip Through The Cracks (SOL Records)
Humans Etcetera - Part of Being Human (Nefarious Industries)
Left of the Slash - WON (WormholeDeath Records)
Liar Thief Bandit - Diamonds (The Sign Records)
Lilli - Kintsugi (Inverse Records)
Lindsay Schoolcraft - Rushing Through The Sky - 10th Anniversary Edition (Self-released)
Monster Truck - Warriors (BMG)
Nestor - Kids In a Ghost Town (Napalm Records)
Pil & Bue - Special Agents / Never Stop [Single] (Indie Recordings)
Stake - Love, Death and Decay (Hassle Records)
Status Quo - Heavy Traffic [Deluxe Reissue] (UMC)
Status Quo - Riffs [Deluxe Reissue] (UMC)
The Outlaw Orchestra - Back Under The Covers (Self-released)
Umbilicus - Path Of 1000 Suns (Listenable Insanity Records)
Vanilla Fudge - Vanilla Zeppelin (Golden Robot Records)

Heavy Metal

All Else Fails - The Incident At Black Lake [EP] (Self-released)
Behind Your Fear - Anthropocene (Self-released)
Darkest Era - Wither On The Vine (Candlelight Records)
Deville - Heavy Lies The Crown (Sixteen Times Music)
Diamond Head - Lightning To The Nations [REMASTERED] (Silver Lining Music)
- Gargantua (WormholeDeath Records)
Moonspell - From Down Below – Live 80 Meters Deep (Napalm Records)
Novacrow - Look At me Now (Self-released)
One Minus Hope - Heavy Is The Red Sky (Self-released)
Raven - Leave 'Em Bleeding (Steamhammer / SPV)
- As The Sky Begins To Break (Self-released)
SilentLie - Equilibrium (Rochshots Records)
Syn Ze Şase Tri - Ultimul Lup (aural Music)
Thunderous Jones - Shoot To Kill [SINGLE] (Self-released)

Death Metal

Arctora - The Storm Is Over (WormholeDeath Records)
Destillat - Under Black Horizons (Sliptrick Records)
Ecleosis - Halls of Salvation (Eisenwald)
Gingivectomy - Mouth Shattering Slamtist Purgery (CDN Records)
Godeater - Vespera (Self Released)
Gonemage - Handheld Demise (Self-released)
Gutsaw - All Lives Splatter (Self-released)
Heir Corpse One - Caribbean Frights (Obelisk Polaris Productions)
Infection Code - Alea Iacta Est (Argonauta Records)
Internal Organs External - The Brutality of Tomorrow (Vicious Instinct Records)
Vånda - Covenant of Death (Majestic Mountain Records)
Vermocracy - Age of Dysphoria (MDD Records)

Black Metal

Coldworld - Isolation (eisenwald)
Ellende - Ellenbogengesellschaft (AOP Records)
Firtan - Marter (AOP Records)
Givre - le Pressoir Mystique (Eisenwald)
Orm - Intet/Altet (Indisciplinarian)
Precieux Sang - Les Nuits de Gethsemani (Eisenwald)
Soul Dissolution - SORA (Viridian Flame Records)
Terra - Für Dich Existiert Das Alles Nicht (Self-released)

Stoner Rock / Doom / Sludge / Psych

Angmodnes - The Weight of Eternity (Black Lion Records)
Asbestos Worker - The Seperation (Learning Curve Records)
Deadly Vipers - Low City Drone (Fuzzorama Records)
Flamebearer - Fire on the Horizon [EP] (Self-released)
Lord of Confusion - Evil Mystery (Gruesome Records)
Manic Abraxas - Foreign Winds (Self-released)
Mythic Sunship - Light/Flux (Tee Pee Records)
Sonic Flower - Me and My Bellbottom Blues (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Wizzerd - Space? Issue No. 001 (Fuzzorama Records)

Progressive Rock / Metal

Aura - Underwater (My Kingdom Music)
Hexed - Pagans Rising (ViciSolum Prodictions)
Imaginaerium - The rise of Medici (Anesthetize Productions)
Oaks - Genesis of the Abstract (Argonauta Records)
Rick Massie - Guided To An Imperfect Light (Self-released)


Aviana - Corporation (Arising Empire)
Bridge of Souls - Iris (Self-released)
Within Destruction - Lotus (Ultra Heavy Records)

And the rest...

Amorphia - Lethal Dose (Awakening Records) [Thrash Metal]
City of Caterpillar - Mystic Sisters (Relapse Records) [Post-Hardcore]
DiGregorio - House of gregory, Chapter 1 (Self-released) [Symphonic Metal]
Escuela Grind - Memory Theater (MNRK Heavy) [Hardcore/Grind]
Fern - Intersubjective (Pelagic Records) [Industrial/Post-Metal]
Fernandhell. - And The gatten Army [EP] (Go Down Records) [Punk]
Huracán - We Are Very Happy (Dunk!records) [Post-Metal]
Nero Kane - Of Knowledge and Revelation (Subsound Records) [Folk Metal]
Regulate - Regulate (Flatspot Records) [Hardcore]
Sonata Arctica - Acoustic Adventures - Volume Two (Atomic Fire) [Power Metal]
Susurration - Make Love Not War (Self-released) [Darkwave]
Tension Span - The Future Died Yesterday (Neurot Recordings) [Punk]
Various Artists - Monuments To Arson – A Tribute To His Hero Is Gone (Satanik Royalty Records) [Crust/Punk]

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