EP Review: Skelator – Blood Empire

EP Review: Skelator - Blood Empire
Reviewed by Rick Eaglestone

How do you get a child of the 80’s immediately invested in your EP? Firstly, why not name your band after a very well-known villain who I have been reliably informed by parents was my go-to for sarcasm and well, if that doesn’t work just make awesome artwork that looks like it should belong to a NES game that depicts Kahless having his final batter with his brother, Morath, on the peak of a volcano. – This is what Seattle’s Skelator have done with 'Blood Empire'.

EP Review: Skelator – Blood Empire

Talk about immediate throwback, Opening track ‘Deeds of Honor’ the start almost sounds like it could have been included on W.A.S.P’s 'The Headless Children' with it’s ominous sound, this is before an almighty voice interjects and the complexity changes, high pitches and solos ensue.

Gallops engulf 'Good Day to Die' before full Klingon lore is explored in highlight track 'The First Empire' with final track of the EP 'Bloodwine' showing us the NWOBHM sound is still something that evokes joy to whoever’s ears it falls upon.

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