Album Review: Desecrate The Faith – III

Album Review: Desecrate The Faith - III
Reviewed by Daniel Phipps

You know what they say, everything's bigger in Texas and when it comes to delivering savage brutal death metal Texas hits the nail firmly on the head. Desecrate The Faith who are celebrating a decade of existence are ready to unleash their third slab of brutal death metal ‘III’ which is being released again via Comatose Music.

Being the bands third release I was interested in seeing how Desecrate The Faith have looked to develop and expand on their sound. III definitely comes across as a more mature sounding record when compared to 2017’s ‘Unholy Infestation’ which as good a release as it was, at times could feel like a bit of a slog. The song writing on III has a really dark edge to it, this was visible on the band’s previous work but has been greatly worked on and crafted to show massive improvement. This gives the record a more sinister Immolation vibe in places which is matched with the violent brutality of an act like Gorgasm for an all out display of severe brutal music. It’s these subtle improvements in the band's song craft which leads to a much better product overall both in the writing but also the end product in the production quality.

Album Review: Desecrate The Faith - III

I’m a massive sucker for lead work in brutal death metal and Desecrate The Faith with the assistance of fellow Texan Marvin Antonio Ruiz of label mates Stabbing include some really stellar work. It offsets the brutality for short bursts and the outcome is top notch. These leads are not forced and you won’t find them on every song but when they do it’s really solid. On III there seems to be a real slick collaboration between how the guitars and drums have gelled on the record. Neither pushing the other out and when the riffs call from punishing blasts they are delivered yet when the riffs needs a solid backbone to deliver more of a groove it’s the same seamless result listen to the track 'This Butchered Earth' for a proper example of what I mean because it’s downright one of the highest points on the record.

This is a top record and when a band can easily sink with the release of a sun standard third album, Desecrate The Faith are about as far away from sinking as you can get. Top notch brutal death metal from the go to area in the US for that style.

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